We sort and scan your precious and unique memories of old photos, 35mm slides and negatives – removing clutter and dusty boxes from your home.
We appreciate your images are very important to you and so we treat them all by hand and not by an automatic feed.
Your images are scanned using a dual lens system with high pass optics that produces high-resolution images at 300ppi.

Most images we receive require some correction due to the effects of time. Photos often fade or suffer some colour change even if they
have been stored in albums or on display in frames.  We aim to ensure that each image we scan is:

1) Correctly orientated.
2) Cropped, if necessary.
3) Major scratches and dust removed,
without going into a full restoration clean-up.
(click here for Enhance / Repair)
4) Colour fade corrected
5) Red eye removed.

Once scanned your new digital photo library can be sent to you electronically and also made available on a back-up USB stick
so that you can share and enjoy your images with friends and family.

Prices vary – each box of memories is unique.